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If you are looking for the best free online poll maker look no further than Quikipoll. It has all the features you need to find facts, brainstorm ideas, tell stories, raise issues, and have fun doing it.

Whether you are running a formal opinion poll, just curious about what others think about a particular issue, or trying to coordinate group choices, tasks and events — the Quikipoll poll creator can help you get the job done.

Registration is free

While not required to create basic polls or to cast votes, registration comes with added benefits that include effortless editing and easy access to polls you create, save, vote on, and repoll (more on this later). You also get preferred access to our public voter community if you so choose.

Create polls fast

Creating a poll is super easy. Just click the “Create Poll” button and choose the type of poll best suited to your needs (you can change your mind later), then give it a headline. The headline can be anything: a question, a statement, a photo, or both. Photos are highly recommended as they help polls stand out.

Many poll questions only need Yes/No/Maybe style answers while others looking to gauge sentiment or level of interest will benefit from the range option. The rest want voters to choose from lists of pre-defined text or photo choices, i.e., if the choices are all cars showing actual photos of cars may be more effective.

Polls can also link to external articles that provide useful information to voters, plus you can add searchable #hashtags and keywords that match social media articles and discussions.

Get the votes

Quikipoll has powerful tools designed to help you share and invite others to participate in your polls. You can do this via Email, Facebook and Twitter as well as with direct URL links that can be added to blogs and websites.

As votes are cast we show you real-time statistics of poll results and optionally notify you via email as votes come in.


Share your polls with the Quikipoll community. It’s easy and it’s free.



Let’s just say you have 3 groups of people whose opinion you’d like to evaluate. Each group is different in some way and you want to quantify how their opinions differ when asked the same question.

Using Quikipoll you create 1 poll and then you Repoll it 3 times. Each Repoll is an "alias" of the original poll and will be tracked independently.

You then send each group their designated Repoll link and wait as the votes come in. Quikipoll will tally and report the votes separately for each group.

You can also Repoll polls created by others. Repolls have no effect on the original poll. You control Repolls created by you, and only you have full access to the repoll statistics.

One more thing

In our example, we failed to mention that the original poll can also be used. We could assign it to either a 4th private group or have it shown in the Community Polls page to find out what an unknown random sample of users think.


Quikipolls are not tied to a particular network so they can be used anywhere and are accessible to anyone you choose. And with no signup required to vote, you’ll get more of them.

Find Facts

Send polls to clients, employees, students and find out where they stand on important issues and questions.


Use polls to iterate through the results of spontaneous group discussions and reach consensus.

Tell Stories

A well crafted poll can tell a story in a uniquely engaging and interactive way that is easily remembered.

Spread Ideas

Send a poll about something you know to those who don’t know enough to ask.

Raise Issues

Polls get audiences engaged so they are a great way to raise awareness of important topics and issues.

Team Build

When opinions are respectfully sought from all team members cohesion flourishes. Polls are perfect for that.

Coordinate Events

Get everyone on the same page by using polls to coordinate important team events.

Have fun

Create and share entertaining polls based on family trivia and ancestral anecdotes using online polls.

Client Karma

Do your clients love you, hate you, remember you? Find out with a poll and do something about it.

Study Aids

How about flash card polls? Creating them or taking them: either way they are great memory reinforcement aids.

Group Schedules

Make sure the dates you pick are always well attended. Polling dates is a great way to go.

AB Testing

Find the most effective questions, answers and solutions. Sometimes you just have to ask different.


Designed to help your polls do great things:

Titles with photos, text or both

Two-state polls (Yes/No)

Three-state polls (Yes/No/Maybe)

Custom labels (ie. Hot/Not/Meh)

Number range/sentiment polls

Custom poll ranges (0-100)

Multiple choice polls

Choices can be text or photos

Searchable keywords, #hashtags and @sources

Link URL to background articles

Secure SSL encryption

Invite participants via Email, Facebook or Twitter

Get notified of new votes via email

Shareable URL link to polls

Embed polls in blogs and websites

Make polls public, private or both

Poll target segments using repolls with separate analytic reports

Start & End voting at any time

Private access to all polls you create, repoll, vote and save.

Easy voting - signup not required

“Quikipoll is a free online polling platform with extensive customization and sharing options. You can publish to your own private lists, to our popular Community Polls page, or both.”

Do It With A Poll ™

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